A downloadable game for Windows

Here is the first game i've ever made. I hope it suits your tastes ! 

I tried to implement a system where everything gravitate around a dash state. Kind of like the bullets in Downwell that allows the player to accomplish all sorts of actions, the dash in NOA is the main mechanic and every obstacle the player encounters recquires the utilisation of the dash. 

All the drawing, coding and musics have been made by Robbie Harrison.

The few sounds of the game come from free samples of internet

i've been following tutorials from shaun splading and heartbeast to help me with the coding, and the tiles and background are strongly inspired by a video from unTied games channel (Speed Spriting - Super Pixel Cave )

Install instructions

execute the exe file and choose a path of installation


gmtkjam_Robbie.exe 9 MB

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